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Friday, 22 March 2019 09:12

Escape room seminar: 5 key factors to make your escape room a success next year

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Speaker: Alexandr Girshfeld, Co-owner of Indestroom
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Every escape room owner wants it to be successfull. Every success story is trend-dependent. We ran a large-scale study among escape room owners in the USA, Europe and Russia to analyze the global trends underlying escape room industry and present the top 5 key factors to success. We will bring you stories, stats, real-life tools and cases from the escape room owners in the USA. Launch the next level of your escape room business!

1. Overview of the history of the industry
2. Outlook on the trends of the escape room business in different cities of the USA, Europe, and Russia
3. Research data
3.1. Escape rooms by numbers in the major countries of the world
3.2. Average budget to launch an escape room in various countries of the world
3.3. Marketing budgets
3.4. Market analysis of Canada, USA, Europe and Russia - comparison, trends and forecasts.
4. Top 5 key factors for success - based on the analysis of global trends broken down by regions and on statistical research data. Primary aspects to be highlighted (not factors proper, but topics for discussion during the presentation)
4.1. The most effective and time-tested marketing tools
4.2. Own administrative resources and how to use them
4.3. Popularity rankings of various types of escape rooms among diverse groups of audience
4.4. Developing an immersive script
4.5. Creation of an escape room with a long service life and short payback period
5. Case studies: real success and failure stories of escape rooms in the USA and Europe

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Speaker Bio:
Escape Room expert Alexandr Girshfeld is the co-owner of Indestroom, one of the largest Escape Room factories in the world. Owned a chain with 50 escape rooms. More than 400 escape rooms produced by Indestroom. More than 200 scripts written personally and in collaboration with professional writers. Played over 200 ER all over the world. Education: Leeds University Business School – Master of Marketing and Advertising.

Alexandr Girshfeld

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