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Do you think of making your 1st ER or expending your ER-business? Today our industry offers more and more. Some companies will offer you an post-paid ER made in 3 weeks (don`t believe this nonsense). Some others will offer you only a scenario by the price of the whole ER.
How to avoid mistakes choosing your provider?

We will tell you all the secrets, reveal risks and hidden obstacles.
Join us on the free webinar on February 7 at 16.00.

Here is a new article from our Escape Room expert(Alexandr Girshfeld). What do you think about it?

I’ve been asked these questions by my friends, clients, colleagues and partners hundreds of times. Even I ask myself when choosing which escape room I should visit next. I am sure that you have been faced this question more than once.
I’ve visited more than 200 escape rooms in different places around the world. It is getting harder and harder to choose and advise escape rooms, because I want only the best to be recommended.
Well, I decided to mark out 10 criteria that influences our opinion if the escape room was great or not so good:
1️⃣️Does the escape room/ topic of it fit people that are going to visit it? This is very simple: someone like horror, others are fond of fairy-tales or new technologies. For example, if you know the person likes Harry Potter – good choice for him will be magic-theme or Potterian escape rooms.
2️⃣️️️️Riddles are suitable the escape room topic. No matter how interesting the puzzle is itself, it can spoil the impression absolutely if doesn’t agree with the main theme.
3️⃣Environment of the escape room. Unfortunately, I still meet escape rooms, which owners are disregarding this point. The place decorated in the mood and theme of an escape room will get far more positive reviews.
️️4️⃣Sounds. Do you remember those first TV-sets with mono speaker? Compare your memories with the sound in modern cinema – no more commentaries needed, I guess, about the importance of high-quality audio equipment and good sound.
️️5️⃣Odours. Sense of smell is one of the most important senses used in the game not very often. Adding smells in an escape room makes it memorable.
6️⃣Number of rooms. According surveys, players like more than 1 room in the one game, 2-3 is the best. This creates a sense of movement to victory, when moving from one room to another.
️️️️7️⃣Final. What will the players remember? For sure, it’s final! It must be clear, bright, logical and memorable.
️8️⃣️Operator’s work – a very important aspect. Good professional can salvage escape room which is not great, or, instead, can ruin the impression of the game.
️9️⃣The waiting area. Pre-game attitude is a part of future success. Decorated zones and thematic spaces help to immerse into the atmosphere of a game. Waiting for the “flight to the moon” is more exciting if you wait on the “piece of meteorite”, rather than just on an ordinary bench.
️?The team. One thing is to play with your family, absolutely different is to go with your friends.

Hopefully, you will keep in mind these simple criteria for the next time you’re asked to recommend an escape room.
By the way, how do you consider, if an escape room was good or not?

Due to the busy schedule, in we take orders for 3 months ahead.
Do you want us to make your escape room out of turn?
It's simple - just pay for it with bitcoins at the current rate.
Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details!

will be in Live on Novebmer 28, at 16:00 (GMT+3, Moscow time)

You will be able to watch the record and download the presentation in 1 day after the webinar. We will also send you a link in 2-3 hours before the live. Hope to see you soon!


We decided to extend our warranty for our turn-key Escape Rooms from 3 to 6 mounts, because it will be better and more convenient for our clients!

If you want to buy an escape room or escape room gadgets - contact us for the best decision!

We will bring 2 rooms their:
"Jungle" - you will have opportunity to buy this ER right at the conference for the Special price $14000 including the delivery! See more CLICK TO LINK!
Our 2nd room (the name is a top-secret) - will take part at the grand final of the 1st Polish Championships in the Escape Room.
AND our escape room Expert Alex Girshfeld will make the seminar "How to create a successful escape room" on 28 October on the Conference.

See more about this event: CLICK TO LINK!

We hope to meet you their persanly!

Please contact us for more detail if you have any quastions or you want to buy turn-key escape room "Jungle" for the special price

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