5 Ways of Reducing Escape Room Staff Costs
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Date: 26.04.2023


How You Can Effectively Reduce Employee Costs

Ways of reducing escape room staff costs
As an escape room owner, you know that staff costs can be a significant expense. By finding ways to reduce personnel costs, you can maximize profits and grow your business. Here are the 5 ways to reduce them.

Self-Restarting Games

These games are designed to reset themselves automatically after each group has completed the game.
The self-restarting system frees up the game masters’ time to focus on other tasks, such as managing bookings, giving hints or customer service. Moreover, this system helps to avoid human mistakes and reduce waiting times between the games. Plus, one game master could serve more rooms at once.
Reduce Escape Room Employee Costs
The concept of self-restarting games is relatively new and made possible by advanced technology such as sensors and automation systems. This can help improve the overall efficiency of the business, which can lead to higher profits. Check out the examples of self-restarting escape games: Dark dreams

Auto-Hint Systems

By using an auto-hint system, you can reduce the need for a game master to constantly monitor each group and provide hints manually.
Reduce Escape Room Personnel Costs
This means that one game master can serve multiple escape rooms at once, which increases efficiency and reduces personnel costs.
Learn more about automated hint-system: click here

Automated Booking Systems

Automated booking systems allow customers to book their escape room experience online, to manage payment processing and group reservations, which further reduces the need for on-site staff.
Automatic booking systems can also send auto-reminders and booking confirmations, which saves the game master time by eliminating the need to make physical phone calls.

Employee Cross-Training

By training your employees to perform multiple tasks, such as game master and customer service roles, you can reduce the need for additional personnel.
This increases efficiency and allows your employees to develop a wider range of skills, making them more valuable to your business.

Use the Game Master as an actor

Live actors inside the escape room can enhance the overall experience for players and increase your bookings. Instead of hiring separate actors to play roles within the game, the game masters themselves can play these roles.
This approach can be cost-effective for escape room owners since they can increase the ticket price for customers while keeping the game master’s salary the same.
Reduce Escape Room Personnel Costs
However, it is essential that game masters are properly trained to play these roles. They should be skilled in improvisation and have a good understanding of the game’s storyline and rules. It is also important that they can still manage the game and keep it running smoothly while playing their roles.
The result is an increase in profits!
By implementing these five strategies, escape room owners can reduce employee costs while still providing an excellent experience for their guests. By reducing staff costs and increasing efficiency, escape room owners can maximize their profits and grow their business.
Date: 26.04.2023

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