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Date: 18.08.2021

Anti-vandal escape room standards

Anti vandal escape room standards
With more than 8 years of hands-on experience with creating equipment for escape rooms, we have to take into account the anti-vandalism of each piece of escape the room props.

Every escape room has its own lifespan, regardless of the number of games played per day, every escape room requires regular maintenance. Even if you think your escape room is completely invincible, players use imaginative ways to try and solve escape room riddles which can lead to some sort of damage and keep game masters as well as escape room supplier on edge.

We try, to the best of our ability, to create each professional escape room kit and gadgets in such a way as to withstand the pressure of the Hulk in a rage, but how does one measure this without a Hulk to compare it to?
Lifespan of escape room gadgets
Well… starting this year, we are introducing new standards of testing escape rooms that we have created and no one else is using. We know all the possible weak points of each element of the escape room design so we have created a unique anti-vandal scale, which we use to conduct our tests on all of our products before packing and sending to the client.

The scale varies depending on each element (e.g. furniture, escape the room props, escape room decorating ideas, metal elements and interactive elements of the escape room puzzles). We will not reveal all of our secrets; however we will share with you the criteria of how we test our products on the example of furniture.
Vandal resistance criteria of escape props

Vandal resistance criteria – FURNITURE:

1) Furniture can withstand the weight of a 100 kg man – 1 point

2) The furniture is stable, so it is difficult to turn it over (by 1 person) – 1 point

3) Throwing small parts on the floor, they do not crack or break – 1 point

4) The protruding volumetric elements of the escape room cannot be broken (by one person) – 1 point

5) Escape room props and gadgets can withstand impacts from a hard object (of a certain weight) – 1 point

6) Buttons can withstand repeated pressing with effort – 1 point

7) The coating can withstand scratches (nails or some small object from that escape room) – 1 point 8) Plexiglas does not break or push through (by 1 person) – 1 point

9) The hidden compartments cannot be opened by mechanical force (without solving the riddle) – 1 point

10) Built-in electronic escape room devices are not visible, it is impossible to find them just by a player – 1 point

Many of these tests are conducted personally by the founder of Indestroom, Alexander Girshfeld.

We thoroughly test our games for several days, identifying and fixing any shortcomings. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are constantly evolving and improving. We strive to reach new levels of quality.

At the moment, only those escape room puzzles and devices that have scored at least 8 points according to our classifications pass the tests.

In the case of any equipment breaking down, there is a 12 month warranty. In addition, we always include additional sets of small escape room props, because some players tend to take them as “souvenirs”. Read more – how much does an escape room average cost?

What anti-vandal criteria would you add to our list from your experience of equipment breakdowns?
Date: 18.08.2021

Rating: 4,8

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