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How to start an escape room business

Escape rooms have become a much more popular form of entertainment. People watch films and videos of others doing various challenges and want to try it themselves. Surely, that has resulted in the higher number of businessmen who make their own escape room business. In this article we’ll discuss each aspect doing it.
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Escape room themes

There are lots of requirements for an escape room to be good. It doesn’t matter whether there are great puzzles and decoration if a theme was chosen poorly. The game should be challenging, unique and entertaining, that’s why you need to pay lots of attention to this choice. A great theme connects all parts of your story and makes playing more enjoyable.
Escape room game


An escape room is a game for a team in which you and your teammates face challenges discovering hidden escape room clues that may help to solve common escape room puzzles. Each game has its own unique storyline and main goal that players need to achieve. An important component of the escape game is its entourage. The organizers' fantasy of the escape room is capable of a lot! They skillfully create the atmosphere of an abandoned house, a mysterious dungeon, a ship's hold, a secret laboratory, and even places that cannot be found in ordinary life, for example, a Martian space base and much more. Escape room tasks are time-limited. The game operator not only informs the rules of each challenge but also may give hints using audio, video, paper, or any other method.
Scary escape rooms attract more and more people

How to write an Escape room narrative

Escape rooms are an interesting pastime for anyone. They feature a number of players, a room full of puzzles and an exciting scenario, where one player has to find the key to the escape room.

Escape room scenarios are very varied. They can feature literally any theme or escape room. While some have to deal with grim topics like murder, others are based on fantasy, and feature monsters or other supernatural creatures. Yet others are made for children, and will feature happy, childlike stories.
Scary escape rooms attract more and more people

Why do people more often choose horror themes for the escape room?

For some inexplicable reasons escape rooms have become popular, not only among young people, looking for a thrilling experience on a Saturday night, but also somehow they turned out to be a legit choice for corporate events or even family “quality time” together.

What is it that makes these grim and many times inhospitable places such a current practice among such a diverse population? And most importantly why the horror theme takes the cake when it comes to the escape room design? That is what we are going to talk about in this article.
The escape room business is never boring.

How to make your own escape room

Everybody loves puzzles, and if you are creative enough, then it’s a great idea to make your own escape room. Surely, it’s not so easy, so prepare to spend a few days on that. Note that there is a huge difference between DIY rooms and professional ones. Puzzles which you have experienced and probably liked were made using lots of professional gadgets, that’s why they seem of high quality. However, these pieces of advice will help you understand how to set up an escape room and not be disappointed by a result. Let’s get started!
The escape room business is never boring.

Is It Profitable To Be An Escape Room Owner?

The escape room industry is relatively new. 15 years ago it emerged in Japan and made its way into the Western and Eastern markets in the early 2010s. It’s a form of community entertainment where a group of players gets “locked” in a series of separate spaces. The goal is to solve numerous puzzles and perform tasks built around a certain concept within an established timeframe.

Escape rooms business is creative, in times fascinating — and currently in demand.

Instagram tools for escape room owners

Have you got an escape room and want to get your business back to pre-COVID levels as fast as possible? This article will help you quickly understand the most effective ways of utilizing Instagram tools to promote your room.

Can escape room equipment be cheap?

Of course, it can. Take an Ikea table, wire it with electronics from AliExpress, and it will work just okay, maybe, enough for 10 to 15 groups of players :-). We don’t do such things. Why?

How does quality of your escape room depend on the ER-supplier?

The ER industry is a fast-developing field all over the world. The bigger the demand – the bigger the supply! When a future ER owner takes a decision to save time and money, there’s one thing he/she needs to do – choose the location and the right ER-supplier.


Planning to open a new escape room and want to outperform your competitors? Then this article is for you! The escape room industry continues to gain momentum and competition is intensifying. With the growing popularity of escape rooms, grows the number of offers to build rooms and puzzles, write scripts, or buy franchises. How to choose a reliable supplier in this abundance and make no mistake?

Up The Game 2019 – the only way is up!

May 2019 was our 4th time at Upthegame conference. And I should tell you that this was the best conference in 5 years of the escape room industry. Trust me, I know what I am talking about. 5 times we were in the USA, including 3 times at the most popular HAAShow in St. Louis ( and 2 times at HAAShow in Chicago and Niagara ( We were also exhibiting in Germany (, Poland ( and England ( Soon, we are coming to the industry events in France, Italy and England, and we are going compare them too!


According to statistics, we spend 10 full years of our life at work, 8 years shopping, 9 years watching TV and 125 days shaving. The list goes on, but the meaning is clear: we do not have time to waste on entertainment of dubious quality. For that reason, I want to share my advice on how to spot The Room out of a multitude of escape rooms, The Room that will bring you happy memories for a long time.
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