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Why Is An Auto Hint Software Important For Escape Rooms?

In recent years, the popularity of escape rooms has surged, leading to numerous franchise opportunities for those looking to launch their own escape room business. Opting for a franchise model is a smart way to kickstart a business as it enables entrepreneurs to benefit from an established brand and business blueprint.

Escape room franchises typically offer a comprehensive business package that encompasses everything from site selection and lease negotiation to room design and recruitment. The franchisor also provides training and continuous support to ensure franchisees have the necessary expertise and resources to prosper.

Escape Room Franchise or Own Brand: Pros and Cons

Auto hint software is a digital tool integrated into escape room games to provide players with hints and guidance when they encounter difficulties or become stuck. This software enhances the overall escape room experience by offering subtle hints and nudges to help players overcome obstacles and advance in the game.

It essentially serves as a virtual game master, offering assistance without the need for direct human intervention.

Some tips about installation for Escape room owners

Before delving into the details of installation, it’s paramount to prepare adequately. Begin by evaluating the physical space where your escape room will come to life. Assess the layout, dimensions, and overall ambiance of the room. Understanding how to maximize the space while maintaining a cohesive theme is essential.

Plan the placement of each puzzle, prop, and clue to ensure a smooth and logical progression throughout the game.

One critical aspect of preparation is also creating a timeline for the installation process. Time management is crucial to ensure that everything is ready for your grand opening. Establishing milestones and deadlines for each phase of installation can help you stay organized and ensure that no critical steps are overlooked.
escape room kids

How to make escape room child friendly

Are escape rooms kid friendly? This is a question that has been asked more frequently in recent years as escape rooms have become a popular form of entertainment for people of all ages. While many escape rooms are designed with adults in mind, there are also a growing number of escape rooms that are kid-friendly. However, it is important for escape room owners to take certain steps to ensure that their escape rooms are safe and appropriate for children. In this article, we will explore what owners of escape rooms need to do to make their escape rooms safe for children.
escape room group photos

Tips for best pictures of your escape room

In the ever-evolving realm of escape rooms, the visual storytelling through high-quality photographs is essential. These images don’t merely serve as static snapshots; they act as the virtual keys that unlock the immersive wonders concealed within your escape room and embody the spirit of the adventure. Among other promotional tools, these visuals are the catalysts that awaken curiosity and beckon participants to embark on a journey of mystery, collaboration and triumph.

In an age where information bombards from every corner, it is important to grab the attention of potential players. A real, high-quality photo, combined with a relevant description, can make a customer to choose your escape room over others. The right escape room pictures help to display the immersive experience that awaits and can increase the conversion.

The Importance of Testing Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have become a popular entertainment trend, attracting groups of friends, families, and colleagues who want to experience thrilling adventures and challenges. As an escape room owner, your goal is to provide a memorable and immersive experience for your customers. One crucial aspect of achieving this goal is thorough testing and quality assurance. In this article, we will explore the importance of testing escape rooms and how it can lead to improved customer satisfaction, enhanced business reputation, and increased profitability.

How to Hire Great Staff for Your Escape Room

Running an escape room business can be an exciting and rewarding venture. As the popularity of escape rooms continues to grow, so does the need for well-trained and enthusiastic staff. Your escape room staff play a crucial role in creating memorable experiences for your customers, so it’s important to hire the right individuals who can bring your escape room to life. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some valuable tips on how to hire great staff for your escape room.

Children’s waiting area in the escape rooms

Picture this: families excitedly stepping into an escape room adventure, their anticipation building as they eagerly await their turn. But what about the little ones? To ensure a truly unforgettable experience for the whole family, escape room owners have a golden opportunity to transform their waiting areas into vibrant hubs of smart entertainment. By introducing stand-alone kids puzzles, these businesses can captivate young minds, foster collaboration, and create a joyful atmosphere that keeps families coming back for more.

How You Can Effectively Reduce Employee Costs

As an escape room owner, you know that staff costs can be a significant expense. By finding ways to reduce personnel costs, you can maximize profits and grow your business. Here are the 5 ways to reduce them.

Film-based Escape Rooms Ideas

Step into the cinematic world with our film-based escape rooms, where iconic movie scenes come to life and players become the heroes of their own silver screen adventures. Movie-based escape rooms offer immersive experiences that transport participants into the heart of their favorite films, complete with authentic set designs, gripping storylines, and intriguing puzzles inspired by unforgettable moments.

Movie-themed escape rooms entice a diverse audience, from film buffs and groups of friends to families and even corporate team-building participants. This theme’s widespread appeal lies in its power to evoke nostalgia, inspire teamwork, and create an unforgettable connection between players and their beloved movies.

Adventure Escape Rooms Ideas

Get ready for heart-pounding excitement with our adventure escape rooms, where daring explorers and thrill-seekers unite to conquer exhilarating challenges. In our adventure-themed escape rooms, players will journey through uncharted territories, lost civilizations, and hidden dimensions, unraveling mind-bending puzzles and immersive stories at every turn.

Adventure escape rooms enthrall audiences of all types, from intrepid families and daring groups of friends to corporate team-building participants and fearless adrenaline junkies. The irresistible allure of this theme lies in its power to spark wanderlust, nurture camaraderie, and leave players with a triumphant sense of accomplishment as they conquer obstacles and crack enigmatic mysteries.

Fantasy Escape Rooms Ideas

Step into the wondrous world of our fantasy escape rooms, where imagination and adventure collide to offer truly captivating experiences. In our fantasy-themed escape rooms, players will traverse magical realms filled with legendary creatures, mystical artifacts, and breathtaking environments.

Fantasy escape games attract a diverse range of guests, including families, groups of friends, and fantasy literature and film enthusiasts. The allure of these rooms lies in their ability to foster creativity, inspire collaboration, and transport players to otherworldly realms that create lasting memories.

Magic Escape Rooms Ideas

Welcome to the enchanting world of our magic escape rooms, where the extraordinary comes to life, and your imagination takes center stage. Magic-themed escape rooms invite you to embark on spellbinding adventures filled with mysterious puzzles, immersive stories, and dazzling illusions.

In our magic escape game, participants of all ages will be captivated by the wonder of spell casting, magical artifacts, and mythical creatures. This theme is particularly popular among families, groups of friends, and those who appreciate fantasy literature and films. With its universal appeal and ability to transport players into a world of enchantment, magic-themed rooms are perfect for creating memorable experiences that leave your guests spellbound.

Scary Escape Rooms Ideas

Choosing a horror escape room theme for your venue offers a unique and captivating experience that will set you apart from the competition. By providing guests with scary escape rooms, you tap into the universal thrill of facing one’s fears and the adrenaline rush that accompanies it. This immersive and exhilarating environment encourages teamwork, problem-solving, and communication under pressure, making it a popular choice for team-building events and group outings.

Top Escape Room Themes

The theme of an escape room can greatly impact the success of the business.
A genre that aligns with your players’ interests and provides a unique experience will more likely increase your bookings and help you to gain more profits.
Here are the most popular escape room themes…

Escape Room Promotion Tips

With the growing popularity of escape rooms, it has become essential to advertise and promote your escape room business effectively. This ensures that potential customers know about your business and can easily find it, helping you to attract more customers and increase revenue.
The purpose of this post is to provide escape room owners and managers with tips and strategies for effectively marketing their business. By implementing these tips, you can increase awareness of your escape room, attract more customers and increase revenue.

How to make escape room safe

Today we are going to discuss how to make an escape room safe.
In the world of escape rooms, one of the things to consider is security, which consists of many points. You must protect the players, yourself and your business.
We have prepared a short checklist for you. Some things may seem obvious, but you can add to it, based on your own experiences and share it with our community in the comments. We always appreciate that!

Wow-effects in Escape Rooms

Wow-effects are especially important in escape rooms because they trigger the players’ emotions and remain in their memory. The room with wow-effects will more likely receive 5-star reviews than the one without any.

Escape Room Trends For 2023

The year 2023 has just begun which means that it’s the right time to talk about the upcoming trends in the Escape Room industry. Being informed about the latest trends of the industry will help you to run your business more efficiently and stay one step ahead of your competitors!
The trends in this list are based on our own expertise and rich experience in the ER industry as well as on tendencies and opinions of our 400+ clients all over the world.
Some of the escape room trends are not “brand new” and have already existed on the market for a while, however they are worth mentioning as they still continue to gain traction.
What is customized project


We conducted a survey among more than 200 owners. This brief survey will help escape room owners learn more about the current situation in the escape room industry.
The results of the survey can be found at this link:

How to create a custom escape room

What if future ER owners want to create their own unique, custom escape room? More and more of our clients have been asking us to do this.
In this article, we will explain how we create customized projects that are not included in our standard catalog.
To receive a customized product, you just need to tell us your idea – and we do the rest!

Main aspects of good customer review

In this article you will learn how to ask and get good customer reviews. There are 5 techniques to get more customer reviews. Indestroom ready to help you raise your reputation.

Several ways on how and where to cut costs and where shouldn’t do it

Every escape room owner wants to increase their business revenue but it’s also important to increase its profit as well. In this article we have put together ways on how and where to cut costs and where NOT to try cut costs. You can keep this in mind when writing a business plan.
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Integrated hint systems – why is it the best solution?

If you are an owner of an escape room, then you have probably already experienced how different players play escape room games. Some people get stuck at the very beginning, some try to solve everything by asking for help just once. Usually, there is a dedicated staff member called the game master, who’s job is to guide and help players to complete the escape game. Game masters also prepare the rooms by resetting puzzles and props, ensuring it is ready for the next group.
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Take your benefits from the partnership of Paniq Room and Indestroom

The partnership of Paniq Room and Indestroom provides you with an incredible opportunity that no other franchises are able to offer.

The best of both worlds! With a strong and trusted brand (100+ ER’s in 17 cities) now in collaboration with the largest escape room supplier (900+ ER’s built worldwide), it is the key to your successful ER business!
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Customer support in escape room production business

Escape rooms are becoming more and more popular each year and so the demand is growing. Tangible goods have a life span which is dependent on a few crucial factors such as: the quality of materials, how often the equipment is used and how well you take care of it, creating a significant key point – even the most vandal proof equipment can be broken.

How to deal with different types of customers?

Knowing your customers is the key to good customer service interactions. Here are the different types of customers and tips on how to deal with them. Learn more in our article. Join the Idestroom now!
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What the client needs to prepare

We appreciate our customers and value your time and efforts, so we do our best to make sure things are as easy as possible. What do our clients need to do? It’s simple. Firstly, place an order, and then discuss all specifications/preferences with our managers.
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What is Edutainment? Indestroom provides the best solutions for entertainment and education with escape cubes, portable and online games. Learn more in our article. Join the Idestroom now!
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Arcade – A new form of entertainment – INDESTROOM

Have you ever played slot machines? At one point, this form of entertainment was super popular, and then there were escape rooms – now you can get a two-in-one.


Most escape room owners plan to expand their network and order new rooms to be built. (We hope you’re one of them!)

If you have decided to purchase a ready-made escape room solution instead of building one yourself – keep watching!

Today we will discuss: how to choose an escape room supplier: saving you time, money and avoiding what could end up being a huge headache.


You have taken the first step towards opening your very own escape room business. We will look at how easy it will be, if you choose INDESTROOM as your escape room supplier.

An escape room set from INDESTROOM, is not just a few puzzles and decorations, it’s much more. Let’s take a closer look.

Before choosing a supplier, it is important to study your local market/audience and choose an escape room theme. Next step will be choosing a supplier, and then you need to focus on ordering equipment for the game and preparing your location.
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With more than 8 years of hands-on experience with creating equipment for escape rooms, we have to take into account the anti-vandalism of each piece of escape the room props.

Every escape room has its own lifespan, regardless of the number of games played per day, every escape room requires regular maintenance. Even if you think your escape room is completely invincible, players use imaginative ways to try and solve escape room riddles which can lead to some sort of damage and keep game masters as well as escape room supplier on edge.

We try, to the best of our ability, to create each professional escape room kit and gadgets in such a way as to withstand the pressure of the Hulk in a rage, but how does one measure this without a Hulk to compare it to?
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5 ways on how to reduce the payback period for an escape game

A good/average payback period for an escape game is about a year. However, each escape room owner influences this period, and of course wants the shortest period possible. The pandemic has created some difficulties, but gradually, everything will return to normal: so we offer you five working recipes that have been tried and tested by many owners from all around the world.
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How to increase foot traffic to your escape room this summer?

Do you have an escape room, or are you planning to invest in one and start your own business? This article will help you gain new ideas for promoting it during the summer, when the number of visitors could decrease if you do nothing.

It’s simple: the more promotional tools you use, the larger the audience you will reach, because as a rule, they only play on average 1 time, and marketing works over a wide audience.
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Well chosen escape room puzzles, gadgets and clues should be an organic part of any escape room:

They can be mixed – the high-tech gadgetry and good old-fashioned mental puzzles; series and parallel.

It is important to make puzzles in a way that at least a few people are needed to solve it – as Escape rooms are for entertainment for teams – who are required to work together to solve the riddles and find clues: with friends, family, or co-workers.

In your room, they need to have something that is challenging, but at the same time something that anyone can solve – we have collected some of the good ideas with examples:
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Customer behavior has significantly changed since the pandemic. People now tend to use delivery services more often, like ordering from restaurants, supermarkets, online stores and so the list goes on. This same tendency is affecting the entertainment industry.
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Alternative ways to generate income

It is no secret that the pandemic has become a difficult test for escape room owners around the world, but our business is special, and we would not be us if we didn’t start to come up with ways of escaping this situation.

So, today we want to share with you, several ways of generating an alternative income for escape room owners.
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How the project is born?

We will take you through all the stages of creation, of one of our portable mini escape games:

Everything begins with an idea – but first of all, we need to figure out who it’s for and what the aim of the game is? Will it be an educational game or just for entertainment, a family game or teambuilding for a company, etc. These decisions will help with each of the escape room puzzle ideas.


One of the first challenges every new escape room owner faces is finding the right topic. Will it be horror, adventure, or a futuristic room?
The best option seems to choose an escape room theme that will cover the majority of your target audience. Does this approach always work? Let’s try and find out.
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How to start an escape room business

Escape rooms have become a much more popular form of entertainment. People watch films and videos of others doing various challenges and want to try it themselves. Surely, that has resulted in the higher number of businessmen who make their own escape room business. In this article we’ll discuss each aspect doing it.
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Escape room themes

There are lots of requirements for an escape room to be good. It doesn’t matter whether there are great puzzles and decoration if a theme was chosen poorly. The game should be challenging, unique and entertaining, that’s why you need to pay lots of attention to this choice. A great theme connects all parts of your story and makes playing more enjoyable.
Escape room game


An escape room is a game for a team in which you and your teammates face challenges discovering hidden escape room clues that may help to solve common escape room puzzles. Each game has its own unique storyline and main goal that players need to achieve. An important component of the escape game is its entourage. The organizers’ fantasy of the escape room is capable of a lot! They skillfully create the atmosphere of an abandoned house, a mysterious dungeon, a ship’s hold, a secret laboratory, and even places that cannot be found in ordinary life, for example, a Martian space base and much more. Escape room tasks are time-limited. The game operator not only informs the rules of each challenge but also may give hints using audio, video, paper, or any other method.
Scary escape rooms attract more and more people

How to write an Escape room narrative

Escape rooms are an interesting pastime for anyone. They feature a number of players, a room full of puzzles and an exciting scenario, where one player has to find the key to the escape room.

Escape room scenarios are very varied. They can feature literally any theme or escape room. While some have to deal with grim topics like murder, others are based on fantasy, and feature monsters or other supernatural creatures. Yet others are made for children, and will feature happy, childlike stories.
Scary escape rooms attract more and more people

Why do people more often choose horror themes for the escape room?

For some inexplicable reasons escape rooms have become popular, not only among young people, looking for a thrilling experience on a Saturday night, but also somehow they turned out to be a legit choice for corporate events or even family “quality time” together.

What is it that makes these grim and many times inhospitable places such a current practice among such a diverse population? And most importantly why the horror theme takes the cake when it comes to the escape room design? That is what we are going to talk about in this article.
The escape room business is never boring.

How to make your own escape room

Everybody loves puzzles, and if you are creative enough, then it’s a great idea to make your own escape room. Surely, it’s not so easy, so prepare to spend a few days on that. Note that there is a huge difference between DIY rooms and professional ones. Puzzles which you have experienced and probably liked were made using lots of professional gadgets, that’s why they seem of high quality. However, these pieces of advice will help you understand how to set up an escape room and not be disappointed by a result. Let’s get started!
The escape room business is never boring.

Is It Profitable To Be An Escape Room Owner?

The escape room industry is relatively new. 15 years ago it emerged in Japan and made its way into the Western and Eastern markets in the early 2010s. It’s a form of community entertainment where a group of players gets “locked” in a series of separate spaces. The goal is to solve numerous puzzles and perform tasks built around a certain concept within an established timeframe.

Escape rooms business is creative, in times fascinating — and currently in demand.

Instagram tools for escape room owners

Have you got an escape room and want to get your business back to pre-COVID levels as fast as possible? This article will help you quickly understand the most effective ways of utilizing Instagram tools to promote your room.

Can escape room equipment be cheap?

Of course, it can. Take an Ikea table, wire it with electronics from AliExpress, and it will work just okay, maybe, enough for 10 to 15 groups of players :-). We don’t do such things. Why?

How does quality of your escape room depend on the ER-supplier?

The ER industry is a fast-developing field all over the world. The bigger the demand – the bigger the supply! When a future ER owner takes a decision to save time and money, there’s one thing he/she needs to do – choose the location and the right ER-supplier.


Planning to open a new escape room and want to outperform your competitors? Then this article is for you! The escape room industry continues to gain momentum and competition is intensifying. With the growing popularity of escape rooms, grows the number of offers to build rooms and puzzles, write scripts, or buy franchises. How to choose a reliable supplier in this abundance and make no mistake?


According to statistics, we spend 10 full years of our life at work, 8 years shopping, 9 years watching TV and 125 days shaving. The list goes on, but the meaning is clear: we do not have time to waste on entertainment of dubious quality. For that reason, I want to share my advice on how to spot The Room out of a multitude of escape rooms, The Room that will bring you happy memories for a long time.
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