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Date: 28.02.2021


Customer support in escape room production business

Escape rooms are becoming more and more popular each year and so the demand is growing. Tangible goods have a life span which is dependent on a few crucial factors such as: the quality of materials, how often the equipment is used and how well you take care of it, creating a significant key point – even the most vandal proof equipment can be broken.

Customer support in escape room production business is not a commonly offered service and sadly, there isn’t high demand for it. Usually new escape room owners don’t understand why they would need any customer support from ER manufacturers after successful assembling.

There are a lot of points which should be taken into consideration and to show you them, let’s imagine a situation with John – future escape room owner.
How to choose a theme for escape room

Hypothetical situation

John would like to buy an escape room. He’s trying to decide whether he should purchase an escape room with its equipment only, or an escape room with equipment AND customer support. “Why would I need customer support? This option costs more and I might not even require the customer support. Besides, I know how large companies work, you are just a number and once you buy from them, they forget about you. I would rather save my money and go for the cheaper option. If something happens, I will find someone to repair it for me”. Some time passes, and John is faced with a malfunction of one of his games. He sent emails to the supplier and phoned numerous times asking for help. The problem is that usually ER suppliers don’t provide guarantees or any customer support, and now John is facing this issue…alone! He first tries to find someone who can fix the problem, but it’s not as easy as he originally thought, as each ER has its own software and programs. Then, he finds someone who can help, but they don’t understand the programming so it’s going to take them a long time to understand how it all works. John has lost income, because his ER hasn’t been operating. Finally, it’s fixed, which came at a cost – of wasted time, money and upset customers. He spent more time and money trying to fix it where if he had just paid the extra when he purchased his ER, he would’ve had a full support team working with him AND a warranty.

If John had chosen a reliable and proven company like us, Indestroom – he would’ve received the following:
• 24/7 customer support with quick responses – no waiting days for someone to help you
• Private chat with managers – fast, convenient and reliable
• Kind, patient and understanding customer service personnel always at the ready to help
• Issues fixed remotely – fast and COVID-19 safe
• 12 months warranty (repeat clients get 1 extra year) – and even thereafter, we still provide limited support
How to choose a theme for escape room
We are the world largest ER manufacturer, with over … already built rooms. You can find our rooms in different cities from the USA to Australia. We have more than 350 satisfied customers, who already earnt more than 20 million dollars with our escape rooms. By choosing Indestroom as your ER manufacturing company, you will receive not only the latest generation escape room including high quality and vandal-proof props and decorations, but support with delivery and installation as well. You can even become a part of our partner’s franchise and receive even more benefits. You can read about benefits of becoming part of one the biggest ER franchise in USA here

Customer support is not only about being nice and polite, but also about carrying, helping and giving advice to future or repeat customers. So, we would like to share with some advise according our experience, how to deal with force majeur situations.

Let’s get a step back and look at John’s situation again. Very common one: John operating an escape room and one day something is not working anymore. John is panicing, since there were already several bookings for this room! Also John didn’t read our article on how to reduce payback period and choose not the best option: he made short gaps between games, so even more customers are now furious. So, how should John handle this situation?

Firstly, notice customers as fast as possible about cancellation. Shortly explain the situation and apologize for causing inconvenience. Don’t overdo it! No need to be a drama queen. Make sure all customers are informed.

In this situation you should provide a little bit more than usual politeness and kindness. Offer your customers a refund and free choice of playing any other escape room for your catalog. In case you don’t have any other escape rooms, offer a discount from the next game or free drink/ sandwich in case you have a small café at your facility or maybe provide some coupons to any café nearby.

If you have any additional services like photo or video, which is usually extra paid service, offer it to these customers for free.

Also, we wouldn’t recommend making short gaps between each group, as things do not always go smoothly as planned. Maybe some groups will be late or take more time than expected or there will be some force majeure situation. All these things will cause overlapping, achieving unhappy customers and bad reviews.

So let’s summarize, what we have learn today:
– John is not the smartest guy, unfortunately
– Better to pay a bit more, but choose the right ER manufacturing company, which will offer customer service and warranty possibilities.
– It’s crucial to have experts from the ER manufacturing company, who can repair any malfunctions fastly and efficiently, so you won’t lose your income.
– Always care for your customers and room equipment, as to fix 1 bad review you need to receive at least 5 good reviews. People will more likely leave a bad review than good one, according to statistics.

Hopefully, the above advice will reduce the chance to receive a bad review from unhappy customers. Don’t forget that building a good reputation is much harder than to lose it!

Last, but not least thing to remember: when things go boom, trust Indestroom!
Date: 28.02.2022

Rating: 4,9

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