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Date: 23.02.2023


How to make escape room safe

Escape room safety tips indestroom
Today we are going to discuss how to make an escape room safe.
In the world of escape rooms, one of the things to consider is security, which consists of many points. You must protect the players, yourself and your business.
We have prepared a short checklist for you. Some things may seem obvious, but you can add to it, based on your own experiences and share it with our community in the comments. We always appreciate that!

Restricted access to electronics

All the wires in the room, all the electronics that are built into the escape room puzzles, all the lighting and any other electronics – must be well hidden from the players.
We recommend preparing the room in advance by placing all the wires into the walls. That is why we always start with a wiring plan!
Don’t leave any open sockets. Unfortunately, there have been some cases where players have mistaken ordinary sockets for hiding places. Also limit the access to lighting lamps and backlights.
How to make escape room safe
Pay special attention to the puzzle connection system. Through our experience we have come to an optimally safe scheme: a black box, where all the puzzles are connected according to a previously known electrical circuit and should be in the closed administrator’s room.
This is not only very convenient, but also eliminates any access by players to the electronics.

Protection of the ER from power surges

Situations are unpredictable. There could be a thunderstorm, power outages, a connection error, when it’s not connected correctly or the equipment may be designed for a different voltage, depending on your country (110 volts or 220 volts).
All of these problems are easily solved by installing a fuse. Our escape rooms are necessarily equipped with them, and if something goes wrong, the risk of fire is ruled out.
All that can be damaged is a fuse, which is easy to replace with a new one.

Minimal sharp objects

Are you familiar with situations where adult players behave like young children? Trying to fight these situations is a losing battle, but you can minimize the number of sharp objects and corners in your ER.
How safe is your escape room game
Pay special attention to removable parts and props that can be carried. For example: your players are supposed to find a hammer according to the scenario. Don’t make it from metal but rather from a lightweight material with slightly rounded corners.

Fire safety

On the one hand, this could be the most difficult point, but on the other, everything is extremely clear. Strictly follow the fire safety requirements of your location.
Never lock doors with physical locks, only electromagnetic ones. Try not to use combustible materials, especially decorations. Be sure to provide access to the emergency buttons and exits.
Tips to make gaming experience safe
Do not allow dust to accumulate on electronics or in ventilation systems!
Our Escape Cubes come with the necessary fire safety standards, so they are great for installing in shopping centers, hotels or any other public gathering places.

Health Precautions

We recommend that you carry out a disinfection of the premises and all the equipment. Clean all props and puzzles at least once in a week. In addition, regular cleaning helps keep your electronics free of dust.
How safe are escape rooms
Do not allow dust to accumulate on electronics or in ventilation systems!
Our Escape Cubes come with the necessary fire safety standards, so they are great for installing in shopping centers, hotels or any other public gathering places.

Escape room insurance

This will primarily protect you as the owner. Insurance is a must, so choose it depending on your local market.

IP – safety

Carefully check if there are any violations of this with regards to your game. This applies not only to objects as such, but also to music and videos. It’s not worth the risk. Our escape rooms are made in such a way that it would be impossible to sue the products for violating IP.


Before launching a game, repeatedly test the game in terms of its overall security.
Make sure you do this yourself and try to predict even the most ridiculous situations.
Check the safety of doors, equipment, electric locks, fixing screws, hiding places – everything!
The last step before sending the rooms to our clients is that we check every prop, decoration, puzzle’s functionality, how vandal-proof it is and the overall safety of the room. We do multiple tests of every escape room before shipping. This is our company’s strict policy.

Suppliers and intermediaries

If you need to carry out any work, contact only licensed companies and try to avoid private traders. This is especially true for any work with electronics. Avoid “fly-by-night” people who claim to “know” about escape rooms. When choosing ready-made solutions, work only with trusted and large companies.
By doing this, you buy not only equipment, but also the accumulated experience that will allow you to avoid any mistakes and accidents.
Trust only suppliers with experience and reviews. Long time support will save you money, time, your well-being and also helps avoid security issues. We provide 24 hours support and guarantee for all of our products for 1 year.
Date: 23.02.2023

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