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Date: 13.01.2022

How to deal with different types of customers?

How to handle different types of customers
There are several different types of clients and each one has its own needs and wants.
• Who escape room owner would cater for:
• Corporate teams (teambuilding, parties, etc.)
• Friend groups (birthdays, parties, etc.)
• Family groups (weekends, children’s birthdays, etc.)
All of the group’s are completely different and they all require different sales strategies. In handling corporate teams, you could offer ER game sessions as a team building event. This is a very good market to tap into. One of the biggest Swiss banks, acquired an ER from us, and placed it in their head office so that their employees could play together and it was very successful.

When discussing with corporate companies, focus on the importance of bonding and team building, especially in the new hybrid working world where we have to fight isolation. You could create special offers for these customers. One idea is to create celebratory events: like a themed event with costumes, a small banquet or even some memorable gifts. Have a look at our brand new “Indestroom Parties”.

When marketing to friends/family groups, you could use heart warming narrative campaigns, create a special birthday offer for your customers or even discounts/gift cards for bringing more people to the game. These groups are generally easier to market to. The message you need to get across to these groups is about spending quality time together, creating special and unique memories. Perhaps you could give them a memorable photo after the game. Another idea is to save your clients birthday dates and congratulate them via messages, and/or gift them with a coupon for a game with a discount valid for a certain time period. This way, will increase your customer’s loyalty as well as encourage new people to your business.

For families you should use ERs that suit young children, like “Alice in Wonderland, Magic Lane, Magic School, etc). You can change the difficulty level depending on the group. Like, if a team consists of mostly young children.

By the way, we have found that customers such as students are mostly intrigued by the horror themed escape rooms. So if your main audience is students then you are most likely located near a university and so it’s better to adapt your escape rooms according to their interests, like horror, action, etc.

If you are located in a big city center, then it would be better to have different themed escape rooms, so that you are able to cater for a wider audience, to increase your profits and customer turnover.

We hope this has helped you in some way, or maybe brought you some fresh ideas.

How do YOU handle different types of customers? Do you know other types of clients, which we haven’t mentioned here? Write to us in the comments below. We would love to hear YOUR thoughts!
Date: 23.01.2022

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