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Date: 20.02.2021

Instagram tools for escape room owners

Escape room promotion on instagram
Have you got an escape room and want to get your business back to pre-COVID levels as fast as possible? This article will help you quickly understand the most effective ways of utilizing Instagram tools to promote your room.
The thing about promoting escape rooms is that your customers are “short term”, so your marketing should be extensive instead of intensive. You need wide coverage!

Instagram – Escape Project Page Setup
Instagram keeps growing at a crazy pace. Many people nowadays spend more time there than on any other social media.
You must sign up a page for your escape project, set up a business profile and make an eye-catching layout (profile photo, post images, icons for stories in highlights), then actively promote it.
70% of any advertising campaign success depends on how your page looks.

Tag Contests
The following escape project promotion strategy works perfectly on Instagram: announce a contest to give away for example 5 vouchers for a free visit of your escape project. Then tell about requirements to enter in the same post:

• Follow your page
• Tag 2 friends
• More than 1 comment allowed and unlimited number of friend tags.

These contests proved to be useful not only in acquiring Instagram followers but also bringing real visitors to your escape room. The effectivity of this marketing tool depends on how well your page is laid out, the number of prizes you give away and the exact way of promoting the contest.

Contest is a booster, not a primary marketing tool. Use it in combination with paid advertising posts, opinion leaders and native targeting options.

P.S. Some say that such contests have no more value and may even “kill” a page. But it is simply a tool, and if you use it properly, you can benefit from it. As in the case with mass following that still works, but only in manual semi-sleep mode.

Paid advertising posts
Another way of promotion on Instagram is buying advertising posts from bloggers, famous people and communities in your city.

With these posts you can advertise your escape project, deals or contest with certificate giveaways.

What’s important is that you should buy advertising posts and stories only from local bloggers close to your escape room area.

Instagram Ads Setup
Targeted advertising on Instagram is a great way to find your local audience and show them your ads.

Setting up such advertising is the most important part of work on Instagram, especially at the early stage, as before holding contests and starting to actively fill your page with content, you need to bring potential customers to it.

Basic settings can be done manually right from the business page. But for better results we recommend more advanced Ads manager from Facebook. If you’ve never dealt with this before, our advice is to find someone in your city who knows specific settings for your local audience and can set it up for you.

Do you use Instagram to promote your escape room? Let’s connect! Follow our page if you haven’t done already so, and we`ll follow you back!

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Date: 20.02.2021

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