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The escape room package shall comply with all the international requirements for oversize loads transportation.

The cost of the package is not included in the gadget or escape room cost. You may order specialized packaging from Indestroom or order the same service from your forwarder in case they render such services.

Indestroom employees carefully pack each gadget for your equipment to be safe and protected in the course of shipping. We also do our best to minimize the dimensions of the packed items to decrease the transportation costs for our clients as it directly depends on the package dimensions. Gadgets are fitted as compact as possible to avoid spare space in the total volume of the big box packed.
Depending on your location and means of transport escape rooms and gadgets can be packed into soft and rigid boxes.

Packing services by Indestroom include the packing services themselves as well as all the certified materials and special marked euro pallets required to successfully cross the borders of any country of the world after customs clearance completion.

Below is the price-list for a package for each escape room in respect of the packing type:
* In case the escape room is customized the package cost is to be discussed individually depending on the escape room dimensions.


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