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Date: 08.07.2021



Well chosen escape room puzzles, gadgets and clues should be an organic part of any escape room:

They can be mixed – the high-tech gadgetry and good old-fashioned mental puzzles; series and parallel.

It is important to make puzzles in a way that at least a few people are needed to solve it – as Escape rooms are for entertainment for teams – who are required to work together to solve the riddles and find clues: with friends, family, or co-workers.

In your room, they need to have something that is challenging, but at the same time something that anyone can solve – we have collected some of the good puzzle ideas with examples:


This is a basic escape room puzzle example – Hidden objects are used in 78% of all escape rooms, worldwide.

One of the simplest, yet at the same time more difficult riddles, is the search riddle. You never know where an artefact may be hidden, that which will be needed in a walkthrough!

An example is our Turn-key Escape Room “Magic School” – we have a Mirror with 5 pairs of luminous LEDs at the top. It is necessary to set the LEDs to the correct position.

The correct position may be found at the bottom of the mirror, there are tactile stars indicating exactly how the LEDs should be lit.
Don’t be afraid to try new decorations
Don’t be afraid to try new decorations


The one that you will encounter most often when playing escape rooms is the tried and tested key and padlock.

The key will either be hidden somewhere, or you will have to solve an escape room puzzle to access the key before you can use it on a padlock.

This is a very old-style riddle idea (the task of finding the key is the predecessor of all current riddles) but we try to make it more interesting – check our Escape Cube “Lift” – one of the keys to open the suitcase is hidden in the ceiling – after completing the riddle – it falls on you suspended by a chain.

Or another key from the “Lift” Cube – which is under the glass and can only be extracted if you have built a special mechanism.
Don’t be afraid to try new decorations
Don’t be afraid to try new decorations


Numerical locks are more modern & interesting types of padlocks – to solve the riddle – you need to find the correct combination and enter the code, but to find it you need to solve some more riddles or search for the numbers / clues around the room.

We like this one, in our Black & White escape room – which is also cooperative – the whole game is based on players being divided into 2 groups and they both need to solve different riddles at speed, and once you get the code, you enter it into a special gadget.

Crypto’s, also belong to this group of riddles – we use a digital and alphabetic one. To solve it, you need to put the correct word (ER “Game of Stones”) or a set of numbers (ER “Jungle”) and then the crypto will open and give you the next hint. See more in our youtube videos.
Don’t be afraid to try new decorations
Don’t be afraid to try new decorations


Riddles that can only be completed if several people work together. This exercise is for team-building and communication skills.

We have escape rooms specially made for team challenges, such as “Black & White” – where two teams compete to see who escapes quicker.

Or puzzles ideas like “Prisoner” in the Space Wars escape room – where one player cannot be free without collaborating with other players.

Some puzzles are impossible to solve alone – so you definitely need another pair of hands, like in our New Escape Room “The Witch”.
Don’t be afraid to try new decorations
Don’t be afraid to try new decorations


This type of riddle idea is used as a puzzle element in 53% of escape rooms worldwide.

Usually complex mathematical puzzles are not recommended, because you cannot predict your customers’ level of education and computing ability. The actual mathematical riddles themselves should be simple addition, subtraction, division or multiplication, but it is usually hidden in a tricky way.

For example in our “Jungle” Escape Cube – you will find a few simple mathematical formulas on the wall – but numbers are replaced by animal symbols – but still, logically, it is easy to solve.

In the “Chernobyl” ER there is another simple one – you need to calculate the number of cards of the different colors in order to open a box.
Don’t be afraid to try new decorations
Don’t be afraid to try new decorations


A good example of an integrated SOUND riddle is in our “Vampires” Escape room – to open the a hidden compartment, you need to knock on the coffin, in the same sequence as you heard.

Another SOUND riddle type is used in the “Space Wars” Escape room – you need to press the buttons in a certain sequence to put together the right phrase – one button = one word.

Light can be used as a tool to reveal or hide clues. It can also be used to create atmosphere, supporting your theme and help immerse your players in the environment that you’ve created.

You have to be fast enough to solve the levers light puzzle “The Lift” escape cube.

Gadgets with the color chasing game are also a really interesting way of how to use lights in riddles.
Don’t be afraid to try new decorations


These riddle examples doesn’t require any sort of physical activity and instead require the player to use their brain/logic to work things out or to fill in the gaps.

A type of “Einstein” riddle, which we used in our escape room “The Witch” – you need to place the cards in the proper sequence using the written hints.

The same as what we have in “Space Wars” – you need to set the certain sequence of lights on a gadget, using the text hints.

In “Vampires” you also need to follow a certain logical step to light up the faces using the correct colors.
Don’t be afraid to try new decorations


Labyrinths/ maze or jigsaw escape room puzzles can come in all shapes and sizes, and it is always a challenge.

We use mazes in many of our rooms, and try to make them unique and artistic. Like our Maze in the “ Lilith” Escape Room.

Our jigsaw puzzle in “Space wars” in the shape of an – “ AT Walker”.

We have an amazing maze with lights in the “ Magic School” escape room.
Don’t be afraid to try new decorations
Don’t be afraid to try new decorations
Don’t be afraid to try new decorations


Riddles with mirrors can be useful in many ways. The mirror can be a decoder, as well as serve as a clue to a riddle, or as helping instrument.

Just like in our “ Black & White” Escape Room – you need to use the mirror to solve the laser quest.


Depending on your theme, there may be a great opportunity to use ropes or chains as props. Don’t discount the opportunity to use them as the riddle idea!


This is not often found in escape rooms and it is also voted as the least favourite type of escape room puzzle idea.

Scent puzzles require you to; yes you guessed it, smell something and guess the scent.

This is one of the examples from our custom-made rooms the smell gives you a hint to solve the riddle.

In our “ Wonderland” Escape Room concept we also have this – players should smell the cakes to place them in the correct positions – like in an Alice-in-Wonderland scenario – this scent riddle fits really well into the concept of this escape room. –
Don’t be afraid to try new decorations


Let’s go back to the five senses. You can use textures and temperatures to add to the atmosphere of a room, but you can also create puzzles that require touch.

The good example is a riddle from the “ Space Wars” ER – you need to touch the planets and find the warmer ones.

In the “ Game of Stones” ER we have a riddle with candles – you need to blow out the “cold” ones.
Don’t be afraid to try new decorations
There are so many more different types of riddle ideas – the market is ever growing and developing – so more types of riddles are emerging, but still, most of them will take their roots from the “basic” ones.

Whatever escape room puzzle examples you choose, the most important thing is that they match your storyline and fit the look/feel of your room (do not go out of that general/particular style room concept) – in order to give the best experience.

You can still use the old-school puzzles, and sometimes they can be even more interesting than using apps and other tech – just try to make them more interesting or use them in an unusual way.

It is also important to let your players work simultaneously on different challenges, so that they can switch places at any time if someone gets stuck. Make sure you can manage this, in terms of your room.

Do you have any favorite types escape room puzzles? Share your thoughts in the comments.
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Date: 08.07.2021

Rating: 4,9

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