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Date: 17.03.2023

Top Escape Room Themes

Top escape room themes
The theme of an escape room can greatly impact the success of the business.
A genre that aligns with your players’ interests and provides a unique experience will more likely increase your bookings and help you to gain more profits.

Here are the most popular escape room themes:
• Horror
• Magic
• Fantasy
• Adventure
• Movie-based

We won’t recommend you any particular genre, your choice should be based on the demographics of your target audience. However, we will have a closer look at each of the genres and this may help you to make the right decision.


Horror games have become an increasingly popular escape room theme in recent years, as more and more players enjoy the adrenaline rush of being scared and the challenge of solving puzzles in a haunted or creepy environment.
Top Escape Room Themes


The experience of fear can be exhilarating and stimulating. When we are scared, our brains release adrenaline, which can create a rush of energy and excitement. This rush can be pleasurable for some people, particularly those who enjoy extreme or risky activities.
Horror escape games are a great way to confront and overcome our fears. By experiencing fear in a safe and controlled setting, we can learn to manage and cope with our anxieties in real life.
Moreover, sharing a scary experience with your friends, family or colleagues can create a sense of camaraderie and closeness.


Spooky atmosphere: The room should be decorated with scary props, dimly lit, and have eerie music or sound effects playing in the background. This will help to set the mood and increase tension.

Strong storyline captures the player’s attention and engages them in the scary experience. The storyline should be consistent with the horror genre, with elements such as suspense, mystery, and fear.

Themed puzzles: Puzzles should be not just challenging and modern but also perfectly fit the theme. Scary puzzles will help to keep players engaged and invested in the experience.

Technology and wow-effects: such as smoke, strobe lights, jump scares, moving objects, hidden electronic compartments, secret passages or scary projections create a surreal or supernatural environment that enhances the horror theme and make players feel more immersed in the game.

Live actors: can be used to build tension, provide guidance and add unpredictability to the game. An actor can enhance immersion by playing a game character’s part as well as provide guidance when needed.

For example, an actor can slowly creep up on players, whisper eerie messages, or make sudden movements to startle them.
Best Escape Room Themes
Moreover, the games with actors become more ‘personalized’ to players. Because an actor can improvise according to the players’ behavior and respond differently to players who are scared or those who are more confident.
Overall, making a horror room very exciting requires careful attention to detail and a focus on creating an immersive and engaging experience. By incorporating unexpected surprises, challenging puzzles, technology, and live actors, players are more likely to have a thrilling and memorable experience.


Magic genre is one of the TOP-3 popular escape rooms themes because it offers a unique and exciting experience that combines mystery, wonder, and problem-solving.
Magic-themed escape rooms often transport players into a world of fantasy and imagination, where they can experience the wonder and excitement of magic. This allows players to escape reality and immerse themselves in a new and exciting world: a world full of MAGIC!
Widely-used escape room designs


Many people have dreamed of being a magician at some point in their lives. Escape rooms with a magic theme can offer a way for people to experience the thrill of being a wizard, even if it’s just for a short time.

One of the reasons why magic-themed rooms are so popular is that players would love to feel for themselves the real atmosphere of a magic castle or a wizard’s room or a witch’s house.

That’s why magic-themed escape rooms often feature beautiful and immersive decorations that are designed to transport players into a world of fantasy and wonder. The decor in these rooms may include mystical objects, enchanted landscapes, or magical creatures, which can create a sense of awe and wonder for players. The attention to detail in these rooms is often exceptional, with every element carefully crafted to create a cohesive and immersive experience.


Magic has always been a popular theme in entertainment, and it has a broad appeal that transcends age, gender, and cultural boundaries. This means that magic-themed games can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from children to adults.

Magic games can be particularly appealing to families, as they offer an opportunity for parents and children to play together and share a fun and engaging experience. Additionally, magic-themed games can be a great way to introduce children to problem-solving and critical thinking skills in a fun and entertaining way.

So, whether you’re a child or an adult, a fan of magic or just looking for a fun and engaging activity, there’s a magic-themed game out there for you.


Fantasy-themed escape rooms are very attractive to players for a variety of reasons:
They offer a way to step into a different world and experience something outside of everyday life. This can be a fun and engaging way to escape from reality and immerse oneself in a new and exciting environment.
Popular Escape Room Designs
Fantasy-themed escape rooms involve a sense of adventure: whether it’s exploring a new planet, surviving an apocalypse, or solving a futuristic mystery. This can be very appealing to players who enjoy the thrill of adventure and the excitement of the unknown.

They are visually stunning: Fantasy-themed rooms feature visually stunning designs and decorations, which can be a feast for the eyes. From futuristic technology to alien landscapes, these rooms can be a wonder to behold and can create a sense of awe and fascination for players.
Top Escape Room Designs
Good-quality fantasy escape games involve advanced technology and otherworldly environments. Electronic puzzles can add an extra level of immersion to the game by using lights, sounds, and other effects to create an interactive and engaging experience. For example, a puzzle might involve using a high-tech device to scan a room for clues or using a hologram projector to reveal hidden messages. These types of puzzles can be very exciting and can create a sense of immersion that is hard to achieve with more traditional puzzle types.


Adventure-themed escape rooms can take many forms, from ancient tombs and lost temples to pirate ships and jungle expeditions. And they are so much demanded among players of all ages!
Popular Escape Room Designs
People love adventure games because they offer the opportunity to explore, challenge yourself, and create memorable experiences with others. Playing such types of games provide a chance to step outside the comfort zone, work together as a team, and have an exciting and rewarding experience.

Players may feel like they are on a real-life adventure, uncovering hidden treasures, solving ancient mysteries, or discovering lost civilizations. LET YOUR PLAYERS FEEL THE THRILL OF ADVENTURE!

Creating an adventure-themed room with immersive decorations and the latest-generation puzzles can be a great way to attract bookings and keep players engaged and excited throughout the game. This genre is extremely popular not only among families but also among players of all ages and backgrounds.

Indestroom’s adventure escape games receive 5-star reviews on various platforms and bring their owners a real monthly income.


Movie-inspired escape games allow players to enter into a world that they may have previously only seen on the big screen, and they can interact with their favorite characters in a new and exciting way.
Popular Escape Room Designs
This genre of escape games can also appeal to a wide range of ages and interests. For example, a Star-Wars-themed escape game could appeal to both children and adults. Similarly, a Game of Thrones-themed escape game could appeal to both casual fans and die-hard enthusiasts.

Indestroom produces film-based escape games that are not directly tied to any specific movie or cartoon, but are instead inspired by the themes and motifs of the film.

It’s important for us to be careful not to infringe on any copyrights or trademarks associated with the film. We avoid using any specific names, logos, or other elements that are associated with the movie or cartoon. Instead, we focus on creating a game that captures the spirit and atmosphere of the movie or cartoon, without directly copying its elements.

Whether players experience our Horror, Magic, Fantasy, Adventure or Movie-Based Escape Rooms, they are bound to undergo the sense of wonder, excitement and magic. Such a unique and memorable experience will make players want to discover more!
Date: 17.03.2023

Rating: 4,95

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