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Date: 22.01.2021



Escape room game
Escape Room Quest is a team game in which you and your teammates have difficulty discovering hidden escape room clues that can help solve common puzzles. Each game has its own unique storyline and main goal that players must achieve. An important part of the game is its entourage. The fantasy of the escape room organizers is capable of a lot! They skillfully create the atmosphere of an abandoned house, a mysterious dungeon, a ship’s hold, a secret laboratory and even places that cannot be found in ordinary life, for example, a Martian space base and much more puzzle ideas. The evacuation room tasks are limited in time. The game operator not only informs the rules of each call, but can also give hints using audio, video, paper or any other method.

What are the types of escape rooms

Escape games usually are played by thematic script. Each game can be stylized to fit a specific era or cultural element. The most common types of games (escape room examples) are:
· Detective story and crime solving
· Escape from a bomb blast
· Magic and mystic
· Military theme
· Zombies
· Western
· History and ancient civilizations
· Horror
· Prison
Type of escape room

escape room examples

There are many types of escape room puzzles & ideas, each with their own escape room design theme, escape room clue ideas, escape room props and puzzles ideas.

1. Numbers and texts
• Basic math locks ideas. You have to work with numbers: add, subtract, and so on. you have to work with numbers: add, subtract, and so on. Be careful when counting.
• Equations. Sometimes in the escape room you need to find escape room clues, alphabetic and numerical values in order to form an equation. But the solution does not end there, you should get the answer to the equation
• Crosswords. To get a complete hint, you need to find out the missing word, which may be hidden elsewhere.

2. Physics escape room puzzles
• Undoing knots. Most likely, you need a key that is bound by an incomprehensible node. Moving large and heavy objects. Sometimes escape games come across riddles where you need to move something large and probably heavy. But do not forget about the rules for the use of property.
• Easily moveable items. You don’t need to use all your strength to move the object. Take a closer look, perhaps it is fixed by some mechanism, from which you need to find the key.

3. Light and Sound
• Background sound. Listen carefully to the sounds around you, they may hide important escape room clues!
• Pay close attention to the light areas. If there is a bright light someplace, then most likely there is a riddle. But it also happens the other way around, when something does not burn when it should. Deal with it!
• Listen to any lyrics. There may be audio players in the room. Listen carefully to what it is singing or saying, this is clearly not for nothing

4. Hidden objects
• Look through the books. Quests often contain a safe hidden inside the book. Don’t forget to browse the bookshelves.
• It’s not just a box. Surface box view may lead to the fact that you will miss an important escape room clue. Always check the rear and side walls for the hollow space.
• All time discover. For example, you found letters that answered one of the puzzles. Check these letters again, maybe you will find some kind of inappropriate symbols that are needed to solve another riddle. Check everything!

5. Visual escape room design
• Skirting boards and edges. If you notice strange patterns on the wall or on the floor, be sure to study it carefully. The likelihood that this part of the puzzle is very high! This is a dodgy example of the escape room design & puzzle ideas.
• Pictures on the wall. Study the pictures carefully. Look for prompts in the drawing or in the picture frame.
• Try not to miss things that are relevant to the escape room idea.

6. Logic puzzles
• Recurring themes. If you find an item in one place, and then in another and in another, most likely you have stumbled upon another task.
• The obvious answer. Did you get the obvious answer to the riddle? Most likely this answer will be wrong. Usually the answers require deeper analysis. Think again, compare everything you have learned and discovered before
• Mysterious symbols. Try to make a picture or words from all the symbols you find or combine them into one pattern.
All the listed types of puzzle ideas are usually combined regardless of the theme of the game. However, depending on the escape room idea, certain riddles are used. Door puzzles are usually filled with logical challenges, as well as attention games. The prison escape scenario has more psychical and dexterity puzzles. Historical, mystical and horror escape room designs are best for those who want to test their erudition, intuition and ingenuity.
Types of Puzzles


Quest means a long search for a solution:
• Door Puzzles and Traps
• Puzzles That Require Teamwork
• Rooms With Various Traps
• Environmental Challenges
• Mysterious and Dangerous Encounters
• Illusions and Hallucinations
• Mental and Fear-Based Challenges
• Statue Puzzles
• Water-Based Puzzles and Traps
• Walls and Other Obstacles

Popular escape room ideas among users include the following listed below:
• Horror room
• Scientific room
• Fantasy room


Escape room has a mix of entertainment and challenge for your logic, intuition, mental and psychological capabilities. Do not forget that this is a team game. It’s cool to play escape rooms with friends or colleagues. This game will give you an adrenaline rush and a real spirit of adventure.
Don’t forget to look at our website escape room examples and locks and puzzles ideas.
Date: 22.01.2021

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