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Date: 07.12.2021

What the client needs to prepare

What the client needs to prepare
Real photo after the installation
We appreciate our customers and value your time and efforts, so we do our best to make sure things are as easy as possible. What do our clients need to do? It’s simple. Firstly, place an order, and then discuss all specifications/preferences with our managers.

Next, you need to send us the floor plan so that our engineers can visualize the planned Escape Room to demonstrate the ready-made solution in 3D visualization, and approve the electrical arrangement of your room. At this point, both parties will have a clear understanding and picture of the finished product.
How to choose a theme for escape room
3D visualization
While Indestroom is busy with the production of your ER, you can start preparing your escape room. Once you have installed the electronics according to our instructions, you can proceed with decorating. For many of the escape rooms, you can simply paint the walls in a themed colour or apply wallpaper. If you would like, you can add decorative art paintings, artificial grass, decorative nets, etc. We are happy to provide you with some examples of designs suitable to your game. Whether you choose to follow them or decorate according to your preference is your decision 🙂
How to choose a theme for escape room
3D visualization
After the ER is produced, the delivery process is completely covered by us, so you don’t have to worry about anything! We have strong existing relationships with delivery companies who we have dealt with for years. Or if you prefer, you can manage the delivery yourself. As soon as the room is prepared and the ER is delivered, you can start unpacking the equipment. We carefully pack all of our products, even the smallest details. You can proceed with the installation. Don’t worry, Indestroom has taken care of this too! We also send you a detailed manual for setting it up, and the assembly will go smoothly (it’s easier than assembling a table from IKEA). It is very important that all the wires are correctly installed and connected during the installation.

While you are busy preparing the escape room, we will also send you a detailed checklist of what you will need for assembly. The checklist covers everything, from a hammer drill to small LED lights.
How to choose a theme for escape room
Real photo after the installation
Indestroom cares about every client’s success. In case of any problems, be sure to contact us, we’re always in touch! We provide extensive support in case you have any trouble at all and a 1 year warranty for our repeated customers. In some cases, our engineers can fix it remotely.

If you still have any questions, you can also visit the FAQ page or call us +49 160 96083747.
Date: 07.12.2021

Rating: 4,8

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