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Date: 08.09.2021


What you get and what you need to prepare

You have taken the first step towards opening your very own escape room business. We will look at how easy it will be, if you choose INDESTROOM as your escape room supplier.

An escape room set from INDESTROOM, is not just a few puzzles and decorations, it’s much more. Let’s take a closer look.

Before choosing a supplier, it is important to study your local market/audience and choose an escape room theme. Next step will be choosing a supplier, and then you need to focus on ordering equipment for the game and preparing your location.

What you get when ordering equipment from INDESTROOM:

Escape room equipment: High-tech built-in puzzles and props

We supply a complete set of equipment, which includes vandal-resistant furniture, uniquely designed and built-in electronics. All ER puzzles are based on your chosen theme. When signing the contract, we send you a complete packing list and a walkthrough video of your game so you can thoroughly study everything. You can tell us if there are puzzles you want to change – these changes will depend on the logic, flow and design of the game – but all of this will be taken into account and according to your wishes.
What you get and what you need to prepare
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• Vandal-proof decorations

The set also includes themed decorations. We have designed them to withstand over 10 games per day. All decorations and puzzles are handcrafted by our professional team of artists.
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ssistance at every step of escape room promotion photo 7
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• 3D Layout plan based on your location (for escape rooms)

We will start by asking you to send us a floor plan of your location, so that we can create a wiring plan for you. This plan is based on your premises and your chosen escape room. The wiring plan guides you as to where to install wires into your walls. You will be given this plan before you receive your set of equipment. This way, all the wiring will be hidden from the players, and all you will need to do is connect the escape room puzzles accordingly.

• Spare parts, repair kit and paint kit

If your players lose small items from the game, you will be able to replace them quickly. The set includes spare figurines, puzzle pieces and more. Also included, is a set of paints in case of any scuffs that may appear with frequent touching. The repair kit provides you with everything you need to quickly fix electronic elements. Generally if something breaks down, it’s because of over enthusiastic players.
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• Advanced hint system

The script of the game includes hints and tips, written in the languages that you need. Some of our escape rooms even have special characters in video tips. Players don’t just interact with the escape room, but also with a supporting character. We will discuss this in more detail according to the theme you choose.
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• Special sounds, lighting effects and audio system

Sounds and lighting effects – everything is well planned by our scriptwriters and professional audio operators. This is included in the set, so there is no need to purchase additional speakers.

• Promo materials – professionally made photos and videos

You will receive a professional video, as well as a promo photo that you can use on your website, social networks and other advertising.

With a re-designed escape room, we will create a special video and photo that reflects your legend and differences of your game. See how we did these using pirates as an example
• Installation manual, list of puzzles, game flowchart, customized electronics manual

We’ll send you the instructions that you will need to install your escape room riddle set, in advance. They contain detailed photos/videos of how to connect each element. The instructions are laid out so that even if you do not understand much about electronics, you will be able to install and connect the entire escape room.

• 12 months warranty (repeat clients get 1 extra year)

We are always in touch with you. Any queries are resolved as quickly as possible. Our escape rooms are designed so that in the event of a breakdown, you are able to replace the electronics yourself, we will remotely connect and update the gadget’s software code. We are only too happy to help you!

All that is required of you is to prepare your location for the installation of the equipment

You can prepare your premises, while we produce your equipment. Once you have installed the electronics according to our instructions, you can proceed with decorating. For many of the escape rooms, you can simply paint the walls in a themed colour or apply wallpaper. If you would like, you can add decorative art paintings, artificial grass, decorative nets, etc. We are happy to provide you with some examples of designs suitable for your game. Usually the installation of a new quest, in a prepared location, takes no more than 3 days.
How to choose a theme for escape room
How to choose a theme for escape room
    Everything is manufactured in our factory, located in Hungary. We can arrange delivery to anywhere in the world. All you have to do is unpack and install everything according to the detailed instructions.

    With more than 10 years of working in the industry of escape room building, we have perfected the ability of saving you time and money in order for you to start making money, quickly.
    Date: 08.09.2021
    Author: INDESTROOM

    Rating: 4,7

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