Why Horror and Scary Themes are More Popular than Others
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Date: 30.01.2021


Why do people more often choose horror themes for the escape room?

Scary escape rooms attract more and more people
For some inexplicable reasons escape rooms have become popular, not only among young people, looking for a thrilling experience on a Saturday night, but also somehow they turned out to be a legit choice for corporate events or even family “quality time” together.

What is it that makes these grim and many times inhospitable places such a current practice among such a diverse population? And most importantly why the horror theme takes the cake when it comes to the escape room design? That is what we are going to talk about in this article.

Why horror attracts more than other topics

For those who have never been to a haunted escape room, full of mystical and, frankly, chilling creatures hiding in the dark corners of masterly placed themed decor and jumping out at you when you are off guard – it is utterly a thrilling place.
The main task for horror room is to create truly scary props
In general, all the gear or equipment used for the scary escape room props, and other typical designs such as adventure or historical events’ themed escape rooms can be classified into six broad categories:

1) Escape room costumes for the actors, including masks, accessories and the make-up to make them look like a real monster;

2) Escape room door locks and openers, which are mostly run on an electric circuit and are automatized for the sake to keep the fun up;

3) Escape room lighting appliances, such as special lasers, light balls and bulbs, or light dimmers to create an obscure and murky atmosphere;

4) Puzzle locks and games, indeed, more typical for the brain-wracking intellectual games, but still can be present in a horror decor setting;

Room triggers and controllers are present in all the available scenarios, so they do not represent a special prop gear for a scary escape room design;

5) Video effects touchscreens or TV sets that allow to portray or install an atmosphere of complete desolation and arouse enduring fear in any participant by means of gruesome and macabre images;

6) Finally, prison escape room props are also very frequently used in horror themed facilities as they closely.

Escape rooms with actors

Horror escape room props and decorations are the most profuse exhibition of the escape room’s owner or designer creativity. They can go from something as simple as old painted and tainted in dark and bleakly colored bedsheets tainted with blood to an elaborate sculpture or representation of a distorted human body in a time ragged coffin arising from the dead.

But sometimes a realistic haunted house design is not enough to get a shriek out of a visitor looking for excitement. So many owners hire live actors who would be willing to embody grotesque and hideous creatures that linger in the somber hallways of their scary escape room.
Escape room with horror actors
In order to create an escape room with live actors one has to buy escape room design props specially designed to keep the actor safe such as foam and light plastic gear, which is frequently used by the players when trying to advance through the room.

There are also different play roles and models of horror escape rooms actors, which have become quite typified by now. One of the most common are zombies that chase and taunt players along the poorly lit corridors or interrupt their frail endeavors to solve a puzzle in order to get out of the room.

Zombie apocalypse props such as special video effects, ugly and distorted masks and chains together with a live actor can make the experience not only exciting, but also very realistic. The Walking Dead series phenomenon has recently arrived to the escape room industry too. It is one of the most demanded themes for the horror escape room props among the USA and European players.

So it is not only the theme of the escape room props and decor, it is also the plot of the whole adventure, puzzles and quizzes, the acting of the come alive monsters and special effects are also a great part of the entire experience. Nevertheless, escape room actors also claim that many visitors often confuse fiction with reality, they are frequently being punched and attacked by the confused or frightened players trying to make their way through the room.
Date: 30.01.2021

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