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When considering the escape room franchise options available, it’s crucial to carefully assess the associated costs, including the escape room franchise price. Indestroom, with its extensive experience and a proven track record, ensures that your investment in an escape room franchise is both competitive and promising.

Furthermore, our collaboration with one of the industry’s giants, PaniqRoom, sets us apart from other franchises in the market. The partnership between PaniqRoom and Indestroom unlocks incredible opportunities that no other escape game franchise can offer. Joining the Paniq Room Franchise not only guarantees an exciting venture but also a wise and lucrative business decision.

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How to choose a theme for escape room

Take your benefits from the partnership of Paniq Room and Indestroom

Indestroom welcomes aspiring entrepreneurs from across the globe, including the United States, Australia, Canada, and India, to explore our tailored escape room franchise opportunities. We understand the importance of offering flexibility in our escape room franchise price, ensuring that it suits your specific region and budget.

Partnering with Paniq Room and Indestroom provides a unique opportunity that sets us apart from other competitors in the industry. You get the best of both worlds – a trusted brand with 100+ escape rooms in 17 cities and access to the largest escape room supplier with 900+ rooms built worldwide. This partnership is the key to unlocking your successful escape game franchise business!
How to choose a theme for escape room
The benefits you receive:

Legal escape room franchise services with proper documentation and operating manuals

ZERO lump-sum payment (instead of an initial payment of $25000 that most other franchises require) You only pay 6% royalties +1% for marketing costs, based on your monthly sales from profits AND only when your venue is profitable!

You SAVE a significant amount of money on promotional campaigns and advertising! Paniq Room has plenty of daily web traffic and thousands of backlinks as well as social media references. Together with the franchise, your venue will become viral on social media platforms just by association, and will appear in Google searches at the top positions. Ad purchases (cost of clicks) on Google are also cheaper through Paniq Room, as they spend a considerable amount on this already.

LATEST GENERATION ESCAPE ROOMS produced by Indestroom: the largest ER manufacturer in the world that supplies TOP QUALITY and vandal-proof equipment in a short period.

CHEAPER PRICES FOR ER CONSTRUCTION within the escape room franchise. We provide discounts for Paniq Room Franchisees, so your initial costs will be lower.

INSTALLATION AT YOU LOCATION by our team of professional who have installed hundreds of ER’s which will save you time/money and contribute to a faster opening.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT opportunities (on the escape room utility purchase) from Paniq, including installment payments and grace periods.

CUSTOM MADE BACK-END AND RESERVATION SYSTEM. We have developed an excellent system, so you no longer have to worry about it.

EXTENSIVE SUPPORT at every stage, from the beginning to post-guarantee maintenance by both the Paniq Room and Indestroom teams.

UNIQUE HINT SYSTEM that will help you reduce costs, since one game master is able to supervise more games.

SAVE MONEY ON COMMERCIALS! Can you imagine how much it costs to produce a professional video commercial for an escape room?! By being part of our network, you will save thousands on graphic design and commercials.

SUPPORT WITH PERMITS: We know that getting the correct documentation (certificates, business licenses, etc.) can be very difficult, so we are more than happy to guide you through the entire process and share our knowledge/expertise with you.

COMPREHENSIVE/HANDS-ON TRAINING PROGRAM: We care about our partner’s success and want to ensure that you are successful by being well equipped with the knowledge, skills and expertise you need. Our multi-phase training includes hours of hands-on training.

EASIER TO LEASE A SPACE: Landlords and property owners look for tenants with a proven track record. Having a large franchisor backing you, it increases your chances to sign a lease agreement.

EASIER TO GET A LOAN: Banks love to finance small businesses who have invested in a tried-and-tested franchise brand. It can be a lot easier to convince a bank to lend you money when you have a trusted franchisor behind you.

GROUPON: Being part of the Paniq Room franchise, Groupon only charges 25% commission (instead of the usual 50%) on your coupon sales.
How to choose a theme for escape room
By purchasing a PANIQ franchise in collaboration with INDESTROOM, you are able to have the best-quality escape rooms PLUS the knowledge gained through countless projects as well as years of experience. We provide support from real estate selection, construction, onsite installation, project management handbook and hands-on support) leaving you to focus on the next task, without the stress.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to partner with industry leaders in a fast-growing sector of real life entertainment!
How to choose a theme for escape room


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