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Are you planning to buy the escape room franchise? We will help you bring any turnkey scenario to life. As a rule, when you buy an escape room franchise, you purchase a famous brand and a proven scenario but you have to build this new escape room on your own. We can create for you not only an escape room from our catalog, but also escape room equipment and decorations that will fit perfectly all the requirements of the escape room franchises.
Pirates Puzzle

Take your benefits from the partnership of Paniq Room and Indestroom

The partnership of Paniq Room and Indestroom provides you with an incredible opportunity that no other franchises are able to offer.

The best of both worlds! With a strong and trusted brand (100+ ER’s in 17 cities) now in collaboration with the largest escape room supplier (900+ ER’s built worldwide), it is the key to your successful ER business!

Why do people buy escape room franchises?

It’s an easy way to start your business without building everything from scratch or reinventing the wheel.

Cost of escape room franchise

Escape room franchise prices may vary. You must understand what you are buying — just a place on the site or a full package of services and marketing tools. Cost depends on your locality, whether you’re in search of an escape room franchise in Canada, United States or in another country.

Escape room franchise opportunities

What opportunities does escape room franchise give you? Rapid growth, well-established business process, and a clear understanding of what and when to do.

In which countries can a franchise be purchased?

You can buy escape room franchise in any county, just check the business model and the popularity of the brand. Escape room franchise cost can vary not depending on a country but depending on included services. The most popular countries for escape room franchises are:
· Australia
· Canada
· United states
· India
· UK

Franchise terms

Escape room franchise price can vary greatly, depending on the success and popularity of the franchise seller

We work in cooperation with the largest escape room franchise sales network in the world, and we will be happy to advise you on the best complete solution depending on your budget and location.

We care about our clients and we will offer you the best escape room solutions wherever you are.

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