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Date: 09.04.2021

How the project is born?

How to choose a theme for escape room
We will take you through all the stages of creation, of one of our portable mini escape games:


Everything begins with an idea – but first of all, we need to figure out who it’s for and what the aim of the game is? Will it be an educational game or just for entertainment, a family game or teambuilding for a company, etc. These decisions will help with each of the escape room puzzle ideas.

When we finally understand for whom the game is created – we start creating the escape room scenarios.

The idea matters – the whole concept is born from it.

We do not just create a random escape game; it is built for a specific client with a particular purpose.

We also understand that when we create an escape room product – it can’t be something old-fashioned, for example, only mechanical puzzles or hidden keys/paper riddles – it must be modern, high-tech, something unique that you will not find anywhere else.

In our case with the portable mini escape games – we want to create a high-tech portable product which will immerse you into the game – while playing it, it can be played anywhere – at home / outside / a playground area / a restaurant / at events / or anywhere else for that matter.
How to choose a theme for escape room


The script/scenario of each escape game is written by our professional scriptwriter. It starts with a legend (the idea), and then a detailed description of all the escape game puzzles and riddles, riddle mechanics as well as visualization of how it will look when it comes to life.

The writing of a unique escape room scenario is a very difficult but important step because the whole game will be based on it and therefore every stage of work will rely on it. We create different types of scenarios for various concepts: escape rooms, online escape games, museum escape games, corporate escape games, and other concepts that are not mentioned here.

Writing a script for a portable mini escape game is more difficult than for a common escape room because in the escape room you have more space and more gadgets with better technical abilities, which means more moves, where you are limited with the size of the portable escape game.

A portable escape game consists of a small cube – roughly 65 x 75 x 61cm in size, and in order to feel the full effect (as you would with a real escape room), you will need to do the full game for about 60 – 90 minutes.
How to choose a theme for escape room


After the escape room scenario/script is finalized and approved by the team – the chief artist brings it to life by creating artwork, showing what it will look like through their eyes.

The team can now see the first visualization/pictures as it springs to life.
How to choose a theme for escape room
How to choose a theme for escape room


The builder creates a 3D model so we can see an example of the finished product in order to see what it looks like from each side. At this stage, we get the details and sizes of the portable escape game. The 3D model provides us with all the details for the CNC machine and for the carpenters.
How to choose a theme for escape room
How to choose a theme for escape room


At this stage the carpenters assemble the skeleton, the body of the whole escape game.

Some details are even carved by hand, where the rest of the parts will be cut using the CNC machine. Here we do the first assembling of the product.

The manager of the project, with the help of product tester, will carefully check all the elements – if all the parts have been cut correctly and check that everything works properly.

This is the first quality control check, before painting commences.
How to choose a theme for escape room
How to choose a theme for escape room


Before the painting commences, the portable mini escape game is disassembled in order to paint its main parts. It undergoes two other stages; it is sanded and primed, and sanded again, which is done to provide the best foundation for final painting.

Then, there is the second quality control – to make sure that the painting is done correctly.
How to choose a theme for escape room
How to choose a theme for escape room


The product is assembled again and transferred to the artists for the more artistic painting.

Under the supervision of the chief artist, the cube is painted by hand, everything from the cube sides to the even the smallest details.

That is why we say, every product is unique, because each escape game is painted uniquely, and every brush stroke – different.

When the cube is dry, we cover it with a top quality varnish – which protects it against mechanical damage.
How to choose a theme for escape room
How to choose a theme for escape room


Our escape games and escape puzzles, all consist of different details such as punch cards, magic wands, clues cards, mini cubes, stickers, decoration details, etc. All of these escape room props are produced in our props department.
How to choose a theme for escape room
How to choose a theme for escape room


The product then moves over to the engineers who install all the electronics, such as light bulbs, sensors, electronic boards, touch screens, etc, to make the product not only beautiful but also interactive.

After our programmers have programmed the escape room’s riddles and liven up the product, making it high-tech, they then upload files with voice acting.
How to choose a theme for escape room
How to choose a theme for escape room


All the multimedia content, we create ourselves with professional operators and sound engineers. “Multimedia” is made up of sounds which are created for the game as well as special videos which are filmed and mounted by the operator. We carefully select the voice for acting and we do the dubbing (translation) if required in different languages – as we have clients based all over the world – so we can program any language, even if a client needs to have the voice in two or three languages (like in Belgium).


When the product is ready and fully assembled, it is tested multiple times by the testers. The average quantity of tests done for each product is 40 tests, just to ensure everything is working properly and has no problems or technical bugs.

The final stage is acceptance by the manager, of the product and the head of the Indestroom company himself.


After the product is finalized and approved it is carefully packaged and prepared for shipment.

We manage the door-to-door delivery. We have extensive experience in shipping to any country worldwide. We help with customs clearance, select a suitable and reliable transport company and provide all the necessary paperwork and documentation in order to make the experience comfortable for our clients.

This exclusive service is included in the logistics organization.

We also provide 12 months warranty.

So as you can see – the process of creating each and every product is extremely detailed and complex.

We provide quality control with every step. We value quality, and that’s why our products are worth their price.

The fact that we produce every detail in our own production facility, allows us to do all the customization that’s needed.

That is why you should choose Indestroom, because we do, over and over again.
Date: 09.04.2021

Rating: 4,9


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