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Date: 13.11.2021

Edutainment ideas

What is edutainment best edutainment ideas indestroom
We are in the age of technology, where everything around us is continuously evolving, and things that were previously familiar to us, are no longer the same. Even the way we look at education has changed, and become edutainment. This is a new trend, which we are going to discuss today.
The term “edutainment” is a combination of two words: education and entertainment. The concept is to “learn through fun” by introducing games into traditional learning formats. This achieves two goals:
1. Maintains the interest of students through a positive learning experience.
2. Provides opportunities for gaining practical experience.

This concept is not just for fun, but also edutainment is for learning.
The Indestroom team has prepared several ideas on how to integrate entertainment into education and also how it can be implemented. One example of edutainment ideas is museum’s. With the help of interactive exhibits, visitors learn new facts by solving puzzles & playing in other edutainment games: be it physics, astronomy, history, etc.
Edutainment with escape games
Another idea is for corporate training. This is a completely unique way of training employees and also helps with team building. These are just some of the ideas that are included in our portfolio. We have developed special escape gadgets for a large network of banks in Switzerland. They partitioned an area at their headquarters and successfully hosted an event. Another edutainment method for children is gadgets that can be installed in educational and entertainment centers. An added bonus is that they do not take up much space. They are not just toys, but also a great way to learn through play. We can design and build educational games into any gadget with varied difficulties, according to your requirements. Currently, for children, we have a castle with several difficulty levels and games, but we also do custom works for the different age groups.
Edutainment escape cubes
Our escape cubes can also be customized to suit your preferences. Ever heard the expression: “dynamite comes in small packages”? This holds true to all our games, as they don’t take up much space, while still staying superior in terms of experience and knowledge gained from the games. An example is Mars Mission, one of our products which allows players to explore space.
Edutainment online escape game
Lastly, our online game: Chance to Live – a fascinating escape game full of wow-factors which your clients can play without leaving the comfort of their house – perfect for escape room owners during the pandemic!

We can customize any of these edutainment ideas according to your preferences. Each escape room is a unique project. Together with Indestroom, you can become a part of this wonderful new world of edutainment.
Edutainment portable escape game
Technological advances have created an entire new category of educational and entertainment programs, that is at the epicenter of the growing interest of combining technologies to improve teaching as well as learning.

Both children and adults learn new things in the games, isn’t that cool?

Have you encountered any of these teaching methods? Share your experience with us!
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Date: 13.11.2021

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