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Date: 16.04.2021


Alternative ways to generate income

Alternative ways to generate income
It is no secret that the pandemic has become a difficult test for escape room owners around the world, but our business is special, and we would not be us if we didn’t start to come up with ways of escaping this situation.

So, today we want to share with you, several ways of generating an alternative income for escape room owners.

Holidays, themed events

Portable escape games for holydays and themed events
There are many variations on this theme. Even if your location is physically closed, you can host an outdoor event. Who, if not the employees of the escape rooms, will be able to create an exciting game at a birthday party, or a corporate team building event? One example is a client from Switzerland who travels with portable escape games, assembles customized mobile escape rooms at his client’s location, and then runs the outdoor events at schools and at corporate events where they want to do team building.

Online games

Online escape game
The most obvious alternative to offline is online. During the pandemic, not hundreds, but thousands of online games related to escape rooms were created. Often these are not even very exciting stories and playing online it is extremely difficult to fully replace a team game with an escape room in real life.

Here you can find a list of online escape games created for different purposes in different countries (find a link to the entire base). Some escape room owners have used online escape games as retention of their audience; I offer simple tasks online, and for free.

Other owners have monetized this process. Both methods have proved to be successful in practice, for more than a year of the pandemic. By the way, our product chance to live was created specifically for the purpose of monetizing online escape games. We have made every effort to ensure that this game, despite the online format, was as close as possible to the escape room in reality and kept the basic properties of playing in a team, searching for clues and all while adding an unexpected plot.

We have previously told you about the various formats of online escape games, here you can see it in more detail.

Find a link to the table – on-line escape rooms for all countries

Portable ready-made escape rooms

Portable ready made escape rooms
When you cannot go to the usual escape room in real life, but you really want to play, ready-made portable escape rooms become the next best solution. We created this product specifically for those who want to be able organize a game anywhere, anytime.

Distinctive features: mobility, readiness to play, full-fledged filling with the latest generation riddles.

Such a game can become the center of attraction at any event; you can rent out the escape game, cooperate with event agencies, or organize your own holidays. Also, this game can be put at your location, in the waiting area, for example.


VR escape games
It’s more of a complimentary way to generate income. VR is getting its second wave of popularity, as this trend is back in fashion. Escape room owners are now offering bigger and better reality games to their players, and it features as a new product.

Take a look at an example from one of our clients (we supplied real escape rooms, but VR is one of the types of entertainment here).

Ax throwing is a cool new trend

Props for ax throwing
According to our observations, this trend started in the USA.

Ax throwing is an effective anti-stress activity! But as you can imagine, the room must be equipped in a very special way. Some of our clients – owners of escape rooms have already mastered this business as it can be placed both at the current location as well as not far from it with a minimal investment.

Street Challenges are back!

Street challenges with treasure
Restrictions on indoor visits, is not a reason to refuse a challenge! This type of entertainment was relatively popular a few years ago and we are now enjoying a second wave. Do you remember Pokémon Go? Why don’t you organize something similar?

Also, we want to give you an example from Hungary, where this type of entertainment flourished. Treasure hunts – street challenges with treasure. Players don’t just play city-wide; their goal is to find the real treasure!

Combining activities

Escape room with bar
More and more often you will notice the tandem escape room + bar. One does not interfere with the other, but only complements the possibilities of spending time with the company of your friends.

You can also supplement your location with an expanded assortment of souvenirs. The main thing here is to please your target audience, while an additional source of income is provided.

How else do you think escape room owners could raise revenue? Please feel free to share your experience.
Date: 16.04.2021

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