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Date: 28.11.2022


How to create a custom escape room

What is customized project
What if future ER owners want to create their own unique, custom escape room? More and more of our clients have been asking us to do this.
In this article, we will explain how we create customized projects that are not included in our standard catalog.
To receive a customized product, you just need to tell us your idea – and we do the rest!
You can also customize anything from our catalog:
• Puzzle design: change the shape, size or color.
• Design of the entire escape game.
• A set of puzzles in the game- add or remove some puzzles.
• Change the difficulty level.
• Actions when solving the puzzle.

Or we’ll just make a completely new game from scratch according to your scenario.
Once we understand what the client wants, his location features and estimated budget, we distinguish three levels of customization according to their complexity.

Level 1 – Partial customization

For example, John Smith tells us that he wants a game based on the Chernobyl story. Since we already have a game like this in the catalog, we send the client a detailed walkthrough of the game, where all the puzzles, logic, equipment and its mechanics are visible.

After that, the client can make adjustments.
• Replace some riddles, if necessary, with others. We have a huge list of gadgets to choose from. Or the client can simply say how he needs the riddle to work.
• Add additional riddles or remove some. This affects the complexity and duration of the game, as well as the cost of the project.
• Change the design. Our professional artists will create any design for your «special» escape room. See how, for example, we made the Wonderland quest in Cyberpunk style at the request of a client.
How is customized project made

Level 2 – Complete customization

For example, John Smith says that he wants an ER game based on the HP saga, but he has his own vision, idea and his own script for the project.
To start, we provide the client with a selection of recommended riddles that would be most suitable. We can use riddles from similar escape games (we have 4 versions of the Magic School), or offer riddles from any other escape rooms.
Creating customized project
The client chooses a suitable set of riddles and can supplement it with his own riddles.
For example, John liked gadgets from five different games that we have. We combine everything to the client’s scenario, and create an appropriate puzzle design to fit the new one.
Steps of creating customized project
Our scenario writers are also involved in these projects, so that the logic, timings and difficulty levels of the puzzles are fully developed. You don’t need to pay extra for the scenario if you order the room from us.
As a result, together with the client, we create the script, the equipment packing list and start production.

Level 3 – Exclusive customization

John Smith came up with his own idea and wants everything accordingly.
He might want a completely special escape game, with new riddles that are not in our catalog.
We recently made a game dedicated to the famous animated series (Pokemon), Dark dreams and Atlantis.
For these projects, the script was created.
After the writers, artists and designers start their work, there is a complete visualization of the project and everything is agreed with the client. Look at examples of how it looks.
We then put together a complete list of equipment, decorations, mechanics of the puzzles and start production.
Generally, these are exclusive projects, and we do not repeat them. The rights to exclusivity are written into the contract with that particular client.
In most projects you can implement 2 versions: with or without actors.
As a result, the client receives optimized equipment for any scenario of the game, including the game flow, the features of puzzles and hint systems.
Our production facilities and experienced team of professionals will bring your ideas to life!
All stages of work with non-standard projects would have been worked out, even to the smallest detail.
Each new custom escape room for us is a true source of inspiration.
We will be happy to make something new and incredibly cool for you!
Date: 28.11.2022

Rating: 4,95

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