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Date: 18.04.2022


Integrated hint systems – why is it the best solution?

Integrated hint systems why is it the best solution
If you are an owner of an escape room, then you have probably already experienced how different players play escape room games. Some people get stuck at the very beginning, some try to solve everything by asking for help just once. Usually, there is a dedicated staff member called the game master, who’s job is to guide and help players to complete the escape game. Game masters also prepare the rooms by resetting puzzles and props, ensuring it is ready for the next group.

Common hint devices’ disadvantages

Usually game masters help players via microphone through different hint buttons or hand-held radio’s: neither of which is a good solution and there are several reasons why:
• Hand-held radio’s can easily be dropped as they are cumbersome to carry and they break the vibe and immersiveness. • The same can be said for the buttons when speaking to the “voice from the void”. Imagine that you are playing in a high tech escape room and you have to investigate every little corner while carrying this awkward device which doesn’t even fit in your pocket! In this high tech room and you using a… walkie-talkie?! NOT COOL!

Anyway, what’s the alternative? Well, we suggest a built-in hint system in your escape room. There are plenty of options to choose from: gadgets with a built-in camera and microphone which are integrated into your ER and player’s don’t even notice it! Or a pre-recorded video, in which professional actors with makeup and special effects tell the story and some pre-recorded hints.

To give you a better understanding of what this looks like and how it works, we will show you some of our previous projects; maybe this gives you some inspiration for your next project!

Modern solutions

Let’s take a look at projects we can make for horror escape rooms. There are plenty of ideas for an integrated hint system. For example:
• We can make a teddy bear, with a built-in camera and microphone. You can pre-record the hints if players are really stuck, then the game master can help them through it as well. This helps to maintain that immersiveness.
• Another idea is: ravens in cages. It is also equipped with cameras and a built-in microphone. Check how it works here.
• We have an amazing prop: the skull, which moves by itself (eyes and jaw). Its eyes also glow for an extra amazing effect.
How to choose a theme for escape room
If you need more ideas: scary doll, pig’s / goat’s head, zombie, demon, mutant, vampire, ghost.

Another genre is adventure escape rooms. As it is also quite a big genre, there are countless ideas of integrated hint systems. For example:
• In the Maya Civilization room, we have a statue/disk that changes its eye color when the game master talks through it.
• Another amazing ER gadget is a robot, with camera and built-in microphone. It changes its eye color depending on its mood, so don’t make it angry!

If you need more escape room props ideas, how about: a phoenix, hat, owl, goblet, gnome, elf, fairy, witch, parrot, cat or mummy.

Don’t forget about another option, which we already mentioned: video materials.

We have integrated this kind of hint system into our Witch room and Lilith room. Upon entering the room, players will watch a welcoming video on a monitor with decorative elements which fits with the room deco. In this video, the actor explains what the ER is and what the group’s mission is. There are also some pre-recorded hints, done by actors and using words that perfectly fit the theme of ER.

Check out our Witch ER video material and also Horror Lilith video material.
How to choose a theme for escape room
If you are interested in a new escape room or need some inspiration for a custom made ER, check our website (

Thank you for your attention and stay tuned!
Date: 18.04.2021

Rating: 4,9

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