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Date: 06.02.2023


Wow-effects in Escape Rooms

Wow effects in escape rooms
Wow-effects are especially important in escape rooms because they trigger the players’ emotions and remain in their memory. The room with wow-effects will more likely receive 5-star reviews than the one without any.
Don’t forget to implement wow-effects while creating your escape rooms, because they:
• Engage multiple senses: by using visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory and other sensory inputs, wow-effects create a more immersive and memorable experience.
Effects in Escape Rooms
• Create strong emotions: by adding elements of suspense, excitement, surprise, and anticipation, they evoke strong emotions in players.
Wow-effects in ER
• Reinforce the theme: by using elements that are consistent with the room’s story or theme, they make the experience more coherent and memorable.
Wow-effects used in Escape Rooms
• Provide a sense of accomplishment: wow-effects in the culmination moment together with completing all puzzles provide a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. Players will never forget such an experience and recommend your game to friends!
Wow-effects used in ER

Popular wow-effects in escape rooms

Here are some types of wow-effects often used in escape rooms, along with examples:
• Visual Effects: Flashy lights, special projections, and other visual displays that add to the atmosphere of the room.
Visual Effects in Escape Rooms
• Physical Effects: Mechanical or hydraulic movements of objects or props, such as a secret door opening or a wall moving to reveal a hidden passage.
• Video Effects: Pre-edited unique videos embedded in puzzles that create an immersive game experience.

• Mechanical Effects: Riddles borrowed from the realm of tricks when players unexpectedly get props swapped in-game.

• Audio Effects: Sound effects or music that complement the atmosphere of the room, such as the sound of footsteps or creaking doors.
Smell Effects in Escape Rooms
• Tactile Effects: Interactive props or puzzles that engage the senses, such as touch-activated puzzles or hidden buttons that trigger a physical effect.
• Smell Effects: The use of fragrances or scent dispensers to enhance the atmosphere of the room, such as the smell of freshly baked bread in a kitchen-themed room.
Audio Effects in Escape Rooms
• Illusion Effects: Optical illusions or other deceptive displays that challenge the players’ perception, such as a seemingly impossible object or a false wall.
• Interactive hint-system: Themed characters communicate with players instead of the game master.
Interactive hint-system in Escape Rooms
• Live-acting Effects: Actors or Game Masters involved in the game and interacting with players.
Live-acting effects in Escape Rooms
Wow-effects enhance the player’s experience of the escape game. So, it is important to have at least one-two effects per room.
Don’t overuse them: there is no need to implement all possible effects in one room, too many effects can detract from the overall experience.
Date: 06.02.2023

Rating: 4,95


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